VAT Calculator Online

VAT calculator online helps you to add or remove value-added tax to any price in UK.

About VAT Calculator Online

VAT calculator is a free online tool where you can find the VAT inclusive and exclusive prices. Also, it allows you to change the VAT rate in percentage.

VAT Calculator Online

Why we Created?

We created this website in response to recent changes in VAT rates. We could not find a similar website that allows users to adjust the VAT percentage rate. So, we designed this to provide business users and individuals with access to a calculator that allows them to change the VAT rate and easily add or deduct the VAT from any Net or Gross figure.

Our calculator determines the VAT that businesses charge on goods or services sold in various countries. In addition, if the gross value of goods and services subject to VAT is known, it determines the Net price and VAT. In short, you can find the VAT inclusive or exclusive price using this tool.

How does VAT Calculator Work?

It takes two inputs from the user side.

  1. Initial Amount (VAT included or excluded)
  2. VAT Rate in Percentage

Also, there are two buttons "Add VAT" and "Remove VAT".

  • The "Add VAT" button will include the percentage of VAT(%) in the Net price and gives the Gross price and VAT.
  • Similarly, the "Remove VAT" button will exclude the percentage of VAT(%) in the Gross price and gives Net price and VAT.

Above all operations are performed in the back-end. It works on pre-defined algorithms that give you 100% accurate and fast output. No need to do manual calculations. Just keep our tool handy.

How to Calculate VAT?

There are two operations that we can perform with VAT.

  1. Add VAT
  2. Remove VAT

Let's understand both in detail with an example.

1. Add VAT

To calculate the VAT component of the net amount, multiply the net amount by the VAT rate in percent, divide by 100. Then add the VAT component to the net amount.

VAT = Net taxable amount × Applicable VAT rate / 100


Suppose, a computer service center charges £160.00 without VAT for a repair. VAT is charged at the standard rate of 20% on the sale. Find the total price with VAT.


The Net amount is £160.00.

VAT = £160.00 × 20/100 = £32.00

Therefore, the total price including VAT is £160.00 + £32.00 = £192.00

2. Remove VAT

To remove the VAT from any amount, firstly, we will find Net amount by dividing the Gross amount by (1 + VAT percentage) and then subtract it from the Gross amount.

In our case, VAT is 20%, so we will divide by 1.20.

Let's take an example to understand it clearly.


Suppose, VAT included price of the product is £200.00. Find the total Net price which is excluding VAT.


Here, the Gross amount is £200.00.

Net Amount = £200.00 / 1.20 = £166.67

VAT = £200.00 - £166.67 = £33.33

Therefore, the price excluding VAT is £166.67.

Also, you can verify that the above calculations are correct or not by entering the values into the VAT Calculator.

How to use VAT Calculator?

With our Online VAT calculator, you can easily add, remove, and calculate VAT on your invoices with a few clicks. Just follow the instructions below to go through the tool.

  • Firstly, enter the price that is including or excluding VAT.
  • By default, the VAT(%) rate is set to 20%. You can change it if you want.
  • To add the VAT, click the "Add VAT" button. Similarly, to remove the VAT, tap the "Remove VAT" button.
  • As a result, it will display the total VAT amount which is included or excluded in the initial price with Net Amount and Gross Amount.
  • Lastly, you can use the "Reset all" button to refresh the calculator.


The Current VAT percentage rate in the UK is 20%.

Yes, Of Course, you can change the VAT rate as you want. That's the biggest advantage of our tool and that's why we made this tool. So, people can change the VAT rate and calculate VAT.

No, you don't need to signup or log in to start using the calculator. It's a free online tool. So, you can just open it in any web browser and start using it.

No, it's completely free for all. No usage limits are set. You can use it as many times as you want. Also, there are no subscription charges to get access.

Yes, you can use it on any small or large device. Because we have made it mobile, iPad, and desktop responsive. So, it works fine on any device.